Laravel MySQL index hints scope

Simple library for mysql index hints and optimisations (USE INDEX, FORCE INDEX, IGNORE INDEX)

* php: ^7.4|^8.0
* doctrine/dbal: ^3.0
* illuminate/database: ^8.0|^9.0
* illuminate/support: ^8.0|^9.0


composer require shaburov/laravel-mysql-index-hints-scope

How use it

Extended class Blueprint

The following methods have been added to the Blueprint class: dropIndexIfExists, hasIndex


If there is no index, then no error will occur.




  • IndexHintsConstants:JOIN;
  • IndexHintsConstants:GROUP_BY;
  • IndexHintsConstants:ORDER_BY;


Index hints give the optimizer information about how to choose indexes during query processing. Index hints, described here, differ from optimizer hints, described in Section 8.9.3, “Optimizer Hints”. Index and optimizer hints may be used separately or together.

Index hints apply only to SELECT and UPDATE statements.

Index hints are specified following a table name. (For the general syntax for specifying tables in a SELECT statement, see Section, “JOIN Clause”.) The syntax for referring to an individual table, including index hints, looks like this:

tbl_name [[AS] alias] [index_hint_list]
index_hint [index_hint] ...
[FOR {JOIN|ORDER BY|GROUP BY}] ([index_list])
[FOR {JOIN|ORDER BY|GROUP BY}] (index_list)
index_name [, index_name] ...

Offical MySQL documentation
Index Hints
Github repository
Laravel documentation




Software engineer

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Ivan Shaburov

Ivan Shaburov

Software engineer

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